Papuci din blana de ovine

De ce sunt atat de speciale papucii si cizmele Simon Fur lucrate din blana de ovine

Multi se gandesc la faptul ca, merita sau nu sa investesti in incaltaminte fabricata din blana sau piele originala. Papucii sunt numai papuci! Insa, colegii nostri de la compania Simon Fur stiu exact cat timp si energie necesita realizarea papucilor si a cizmelor lucrate manual din materiale naturale.

Papuci cusaturi bine lucrate

1. Cusaturile impecabile

Este foarte important sa avem grija la cusaturi si la strangerea materialului. Persoanele care aleg produsele numai in functie de culoare si marime nu vor observa micile detalii. Potrivit expertilor nostri, cusaturile nelucrate si neglijate scad calitatea papucilor sau a cizmelor si provoaca ruperea sau desfacerea papucilor. Aspectul impecabil este garantat de utilizarea unor masini de cusut si de mainile experimentate ale croitoreselor.

Papuci talpa groasa

Papuci talpa rezistenta

2. Conditia talpilor

Papucii si cizmele pe care le cumparam de la supermarket au o talpa care in urma contactului cu apa si impuritati se deterioreaza foarte usor. In cazul produselor noastre lucrate manual din blana si piele originala, am avut mare grija sa alegem o talpa care permite purtarea acestor tipuri de incaltaminte in zilele friguroase sau ploioase. De asemenea, talpa trebuie sa fie flexibila, fiindca, papucii respectiv cizmele comode garanteaza miscarea libera a picioarelor.

Papuci din blana de ovine

3. Importanta captuselii

Sosonii, papucii si cizmele realizate in atelierul Simon Fur au o captuseala din blana originala. Astfel, aceste modele de incaltaminte devin mult mai comode si ofera o senzatie de caldura picioarelor. Materialul fin si pufos ofera impresia parca nu am purta decat niste ciorapi. In cazul cizmelor captuseala de blana este si mai importanta fiindca in sezonul de toamna si iarna avem nevoie de mai multa protectie.

Sheepskin slippers

What is so unique in the Simon Fur sheepskin boots and slippers

Some people would think that why is it so important to wear slippers and boots sculpted from real fur or leather. Slippers are just slippers! However, our colleagues at Simon Fur know exactly how much time and energy you need to create accessories and footwear sculpted from natural materials.

Well-worked seams

1. The condition of seams

It is essential to pay attention to the seams and foldings. Those who purchase their footwear based on color and size can easily ignore the smallest details. Our specialists are aware of the fact that, the seams that are not properly worked can weaken the structure of slippers and boots. Furthermore this problem cand lead to the tearing and deterioration of footwear. With the use of special sewing-machines and handwork we manage to guarantee the resistance and perfect condition of our products.

Resistant sole slippers

  Thicker soles slippers

2. The quality of soles

Low-quality boots and slippers have soles that can deteriorate due to contact with humidity and impurities. In the case of our footwear designs sculpted from original leather and fur we paid special attention to the selection of a sole that offers us the chance to wear these accessories during the rainy or cold days. Moreover, it is also essential to choose flexible soles that permit the free movement of the feet.

Sheepskin slippers

3. The importance of good-quality lining

The boots and slippers manually sculpted by the Simon Fur company are completed with real fur lining. That’s why these footwear designs are more comfortable and offer a warm sensation to our feet. The soft and silky material gives you the impression that you wear nothing but socks. In the case of our boots it was extremely important to opt for this special lining in order to offer extra protection against the cold weather.

Simon Fur Slippers

Cum sa deosebesti blana naturala de cea artificiala

Compania noastra se mandreste cu posibilitatea de a oferi clientilor produse fabricate din blana originala. Pe langa diferenta intre preturile accesoriilor sculptate din blana naturala si blana artificiale exista si o diferenta in calitate.

1. Citeste etichetele

In majoritatea cazurilor, cand achizitionezi obiecte vestimentare din ateliere sau magazine de moda, vei gasi descrierea corecta pe etichete. Insa, comerciantii dubiosi te vor convinge sa cumperi tot feluri de accesorii si piese de baza cu etichete false. Simon Fur este compania care garanteaza originalitatea hainelor si a papucilor din blana si piele.

2. Testul atingerii

Afla care este diferenta dintre blana artificiala si cea originala cu ajutorul testului de atingere. Materialele sintetice au un aspect artificial. Atinge firele apoi experimenteaza cu un alt test extrem de util. Potrivit specialistilor nostri, firele artificiale ard mai repede. De aceea este important sa iei cateva fire si sa vezi ritmul arderii.

Simon Fur Slippers

3. Solicita mai multe poze

Comerciantii de neincredere ofera clientilor mai putine imagini despre diferitele produse. Secretul este sa ascunda detaliile care ajuta la deosebirea materialului sintetic de cel natural. Compania Simon Fur ofera celor interesati zeci de poze la cerere. Nu uita sa ne scrii in legatura cu diferitele produse iar noi iti vom oferi cu drag mai multe detalii vizuale despre papuci, cizme sau accesorii.

4. Fermitatea materialului

Materialele sintetice nu au aceeasi fermitate precum blana sau pielea naturala. Observa atent croiala paltoanelor sau a tipurilor de incaltaminte pentru a face diferenta intre original si artificial.

Sursa imagini: Colectia Papuci Simon Fur

Simon Fur Slippers

How to tell the difference between real and faux fur

Our company is proud of providing clients with products manufactured from real fur. Besides the fact, that the price of these style pieces and other accessories sculpted from faux fur differ, there’s a difference also in the quality of these things.

1. Look for the labels

In most of the cases, if you purchase your fur products from fashion stores, you’ll see the right description on the labels. However, untrusted sellers can trick you into buying misrepresented accessories. Simon Fur is the company that guarantees the authenticity of fur and leather style items.

2. Touch test

In the majority of cases, faux fur will have an artificial aspect. Touch the fibers and see whether the fabric is original or it is created from synthetic materials. In addition to the touch test you can make the burn test. According to our specialists, faux fur fibers will burn more quickly than the natural ones. Pluck a tiny amount of hair and see whether the quality is high or low.

Simon Fur Slippers

3. Request more photos

Sellers who want to convince online buyers to invest in faux fur offer only a few demonstrative photos. Different perspectives offer a different view of the quality and authenticity of the various materials. Our company is glad to offer tens of images to clients. If you’re interested to see the details of a particular product please contact us.

4. Firmness

Artificial materials don’t have the same firmness as real ones. Therefore, check the body and design of the coat or slippers you want to buy and see whether it has the necessary characteristics of products fabricated from original fur.

Image source: Simon Fur Slippers