Useful tips about the care and maintenance of sheepskin accessories


The Simon Fur Carei workhouse offers you numerous accessories, vests and jackets sculpted from original sheepskin. However, if you want to know how to clean and care for your precious gloves, slippers and hats read these useful tips:

1. What to do when your sheepskin boots and gloves get wet?

According to specialists it is highly recommended to avoid the use of a hair dryer or a tumble dryer to dry your boots or accessories. These methods will only give a hard texture and a dried out aspect to sheepskin. The best method is to air dry these style pieces then use a smooth sponge to smooth out the texture.

Sheepskin cleaning

2. Where to store your wet sheepskin boots and accessories?

Never put your wet sheepskin accessories into a closed box or a plastic bag. Find a dry and open space and avoid the spots near the radiator or stove.

3. How to care and clean accessories made of napalan finish leather?

Accessories and clothing pieces made of napalan finish leather have numerous advantages. The Simon Fur company provides you with numerous vests, boots, slippers and gloves designs sculpted from this precious material. These pieces can be worn all throughout the rainy and cold season without observing any deterioration in the quality of products. In case of spots and dirt use a smooth and wet towel and wipe off the various stains.

Velour leather

4. How to get rid of stains?

In case of sheepskin boots use a dry towel or some paper to stuff the boots. Never immerse the whole fabric in water, it is highly recommended to wash only the dirty spots with cold water.

– in case of salt stains, immerse a white soft sponge or a towel in a mixture of one part white vinegar and three parts cold water. Tackle the dirty sections and wait until the acidity of the vinegar will dissolve the salt.

– in case of oily stains it is highly recommended to sprinkle a tiny amount of talcum or baby powder onto the spots. Wait at least 48 hours until the powder absorbs the oil and dirt. Then use a toothbrush to get rid the powder. In case of stubborn stains repeat this ritual several times and if you can’t get rid of the stains ask for the help of professionals like our colleagues.

– in case of water stains use a simple and extremely efficient trick. Rub the upper half of the boots or another sheepskin texture together with the wet sections in order to accelerate the drying process.

Image source: Simon Fur Carei,


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