What is so unique in the Simon Fur sheepskin boots and slippers

Some people would think that why is it so important to wear slippers and boots sculpted from real fur or leather. Slippers are just slippers! However, our colleagues at Simon Fur know exactly how much time and energy you need to create accessories and footwear sculpted from natural materials.

Well-worked seams

1. The condition of seams

It is essential to pay attention to the seams and foldings. Those who purchase their footwear based on color and size can easily ignore the smallest details. Our specialists are aware of the fact that, the seams that are not properly worked can weaken the structure of slippers and boots. Furthermore this problem cand lead to the tearing and deterioration of footwear. With the use of special sewing-machines and handwork we manage to guarantee the resistance and perfect condition of our products.

Resistant sole slippers

  Thicker soles slippers

2. The quality of soles

Low-quality boots and slippers have soles that can deteriorate due to contact with humidity and impurities. In the case of our footwear designs sculpted from original leather and fur we paid special attention to the selection of a sole that offers us the chance to wear these accessories during the rainy or cold days. Moreover, it is also essential to choose flexible soles that permit the free movement of the feet.

Sheepskin slippers

3. The importance of good-quality lining

The boots and slippers manually sculpted by the Simon Fur company are completed with real fur lining. That’s why these footwear designs are more comfortable and offer a warm sensation to our feet. The soft and silky material gives you the impression that you wear nothing but socks. In the case of our boots it was extremely important to opt for this special lining in order to offer extra protection against the cold weather.


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